Dr. Michael Cifone

Guest: Dr. Michael Cifone

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00:00 Introduction of Dr. Michael Cifone
00:02 Initial interest in the UAP topic, Dr. Kevin Knuth
00:07 Real scientists dealing with UAPs
00:10 Family stories about UAPs, cultural aspects
00:15 Diving deeper into the scientific UAP papers, Nimitz incident
00:19 Topic deserves scientific treatment, How to start?
00:26 CUFOS, Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Journal of UFO Studies
00:32 How to deal with the collected data and reports  
00:37 Building a sustainable research program
00:42 Lack of a serious academic journal
00:45 Dealing with UAP experiences
00:50 Commitment to serious scholarship
00:55 Meaning of the term "liminal"
01:04 Feedback from the academic world
01:07 Parallels to PSI experiments
01:13 Differences between ufology and UAP studies  
01:16 Goals of the Society for UAP Studies, funding
01:28 Is disclosure responsible? Will there be an ontological shock?
01:34 Incompleteness of our standard model of physics
01:40 Limits to the understanding of nature
01:45 Open and free discourse is essential, Let the data guide us
01:51 Final words


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