Logo of the Society for Anomalistics

The Gesellschaft für Anomalistik (Society for Anomalistics) is recognised by the German state as a charitable organisation for the advancement of science. Its roughly 150 members, with professional backgrounds in the natural and the social sciences as well as in the humanities, advocate a critical but open-minded approach to controversial scientific claims and exceptional human experiences.

Based on multidisciplinary empirical, conceptual and historical research, the Society seeks to promote and cultivate an informed and respectful dialogue between proponents and opponents of controversial scientific claims and seemingly incompatible epistemic positions. The Society's only corporate view is a careful, open-minded scepticism – meaning 'investigation' rather than 'dogmatic denial' in the original Greek – regarding unconventional claims and scientific orthodoxy alike.

In fulfilment of its aims, the Society organises workshops and conferences, and it publishes a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, the Zeitschrift für Anomalistik.

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