JAnom CoverThe Journal of Anomalistics (Zeitschrift für Anomalistik) is a bilingual peer-reviewed open access journal published jointly by the Gesellschaft für Anomalistik (Society for Anomalistics) and the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health (IGPP). It is intended as a scientific forum for the advancement of controversial discussions about scientific anomalies, exceptional human experiences and so-called para-sciences. We publish empirical research papers, general essays on methods and methodologies, conceptual aspects, philosophical issues, or essays examining anomalies from a history-of-science perspective. Also published are review articles, commentaries and discussion statements as well as book reviews. Leading research questions concerning scientific anomalies, exceptional human experiences and para-sciences deal with validity and explanatory models, with the psycho-social background of correspondent belief systems as well as with the social conditions of scientific progress induced by anomalies. Methodological pluralism, competing approaches concerning the philosophy of science as well as interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

“Anomalies” are understood to be observational results obtained under scientifically controlled conditions that seem to contradict previous theoretical ideas and assumptions about the world, for which there does not yet seem to be an explanation within the framework of conventional theories. The umbrella term “extraordinary human experiences” refers to subjective experiences and experiences outside  scientifically controlled conditions that are perceived as  “out of line” with normal everyday experience and are therefore often classified as “paranormal”, “transpersonal”, “supernatural”, “inexplicable”, “mysterious” etc. “Parasciences” are deviant systems of knowledge whose acceptance, legitimacy and validity in a society are the subject of controversial debate, with the semantics of “science” serving as a weapon of struggle.

Examples of topics covered

From this perspective, the following topics, for example, are covered in this journal: Paranormal belief systems, lunar influences on humans, near-death experiences, UFO reports, cryptozoology, parapsychology and psi experiments, out-of-body experiences, astrology, paraphysics, geomancy, homeopathy, morphic fields, reincarnation, radiesthesia, history, theory, and sociology of science, skepticism, frontier areas of psychology, and more.

Discussions and critical comments

Science thrives on criticism and counter-criticism. For this reason, after articles have been accepted for publication in a peer-review process, the editorial team also requests comprehensive critical comments and discussion contributions from other experts which are published together with the original article in the same issue. Authors have the opportunity to reply. The discussion can also be continued in subsequent issues, if desired.

The Journal of Anomalistics is thus primarily oriented toward the development of a constructive scientific dialogue. It brings different positions and approaches into conversation with each other – while observing the standards customary in science.

This is supplemented by book reviews from different perspectives.

With this concept, the journal is modeled on the English-language Zetetic Scholar, published from 1978 to 1987 by the American sociologist Marcello Truzzi (director of the Institute of Sociology at Eastern Michigan University).

Publication frequency and subscription options

The journal is published with 2 issues per year.

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