Please note the authors’ guidelines below. The speed by which manuscripts are processed largely depends on the extent to which authors have already taken these guidelines into account.

In addition to invited commentaries, all readers of the journal are cordially invited to provide well-founded expert comments on articles already published. Discussions can extend over several issues.

Commentators should focus on the main points of the article under discussion and, if necessary, substantiate their criticism with references. In doing so, objectivity must always be aspired to. Ad hominemor other polemical or irrelevant statements are deleted from the commentary without consultation. The same applies to statements that have no direct relation to central topics raised in the article to be commented on. The author of the article under discussion may respond to comments, as may commentators. Commentators receive complimentary copies of all published issues containing contributions to a respective discussion thread.

For further information please consider the General Instructions for Submitting Comments below:

  • There is no minimum or maximum length for comments, but commentators should focus on the main points of the article they are discussing, and be as concise as possible.

  • Criticisms and arguments regarding the article under discussion must be substantiated, e.g. by exact quotations, literature references, etc.

  • Submitted comments are subject to the same level of scholarly scrutiny as articles under discussion. Hence, there is no guarantee for a comment to be published.

  • Commentators are urged to assess both the argumentative weaknesses and the merits of a contribution under discussion. Objectivity must always be aspired to. Ad hominemand other statements which don’t address factual issues in the article under discussion are usually deleted without consultation.

  • Commentaries intended for publication should be submitted to redaktion@anomalistik.deor mayer@igpp.deby the deadline given in the invitation to comment.

  • The editors welcome suggestions of other experts you think competent of writing an additional comment on the article under discussion.

  • Remember that the author under discussion can reply to your comment in the same issue. If you wish, you can submit a follow-up reply for publication in a future issue.

  • Please note that the manuscript under discussion is still unpublished and has only been made available to you for the purpose of writing a supplementary commentary on its publication in the Zeitschrift für Anomalistik. Any other use of the manuscript is prohibited. Manuscripts may not be quoted, publicly commented on, or distributed before the article appears in the Zeitschrift für Anomalistik

  • Please complete your commentary with a biosketch which includes your academic titles, field of study, relevant expertise, correspondence address, and email address.

  • Don't forget to give your contribution a suitable heading! If a heading is missing, the editors will usually provide one at their discretion and without consultation. (Note: "Comment on essay of XY" is not an appropriate heading since the journal usually contains more than one comment. The heading should concisely express the central thesis or point of criticism.)