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Single Case Studies in Anomalistics

Gerhard Mayer (Hrsg.)

Perspektiven der Anomalistik Band 6

Single case studies have a long tradition in the field of parapsychology and anomalistics research. Naturally, thorough case studies do not usually provide hard evidence for the existence of paranormal effects. However, they demonstrate the dynamics of occurrence of such extraordinary phenomena and experiences in the living world. This volume is intended to give an overview of the methodological peculiarities of anomalistic field research. On the basis of historical and current case studies, certain specific psychosocial dynamics and problems in this interesting and challenging field of research are presented and discussed.

This book contains 15 chapters written by different authors on the subject of single case studies. Although the focus is on poltergeist cases, other fields of anomalistics are also addressed, such as the UFO topic, cryptozoology, or allegedly photographic anomalies. 

About the Editor:

Gerhard Mayer studied psychology and sociology. He is a Research Associate at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg/Germany (IGPP). 

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  • ISBN 978-3-643-91123-0
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