The book series Perspectives of Anomalistics is jointly edited by Gerd H. Hövelmann, Gerhard Mayer, Michael Schetsche and Stefan Schmidt on behalf of the Gesellschaft für Anomalistik e.V. In accordance with the aims of the Society, the book series promotes a critical and interdisciplinary discourse in science and society on anomalistic phenomena, extraordinary human experiences and the so-called parasciences. The series presents empirical research results and theoretical debates to a broader public; at the same time, it demonstrates the necessity of anomalistic research within the framework of the various scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches.

The Editors

Volumes in English:

Vol. 4: Gerd H. Hövelmann, Hans Michels (Eds.):
Legitimacy of Unbelief
The Collected Papers of Piet Hein Hoebens

Vol. 6: Gerhard Mayer (Ed.):
N equals 1
Single Case Studies in Anomalistics


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