Gerhard Mayer

Science, Faith, Faith in Science (7–12)

Wissenschaft, Glaube, Wissenschaftsglaube (13–20)

DOI: 10.23793/zfa.2021.7

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Editorial Note: Discussion Forum for Criticism of the “Skeptics” Movement (21)

Edgar Wunder

The Skeptics Syndrome (22–36)


“Skeptics” and their organizations are self-proclaimed defenders of science against perceived pseudoscientific threats including all kinds of “paranormal” belief systems. In 1998 a paper called “The Skeptics Syndrome” was published by Edgar Wunder, analyzing structural problems in the German Skeptics organization GWUP from a sociological point of view. In conclusion, the paper argued the “skeptical” movement is integrated by a fixed ideological disbelief system, resulting in multiple biases when it comes to evaluate results or assumptions of parascience, frontier science or heterodoxies in science. Following a reprint of the “The Skeptics Syndrome” (1998) Edgar Wunder discusses what changes happened in the “skeptics” movement in the last 22 years and if the arguments put forward in 1998 still hold.