The Open Peer Commentary System offered by the Zeitschrift für Anomalistik (ZfA) is a way of promoting discussion and exchange on scientific topics. Before publication, a target article is sent to scientific colleagues who are asked to comment critically on it. The author(s) of the target article then have the opportunity to provide a final copy. Sonali Marwaha and Edwin May have accepted this offer and have presented their theory of the "Informational Psi" in a target article. Several renowned colleagues contributed to the discussion with their critical comments, and provoked a very detailed authors’ response.

This is a pre-release publication of the article by Marwaha and May, the comments, and the authors’ response. The texts will be published in volume 19(1+2) of the Zeitschrift für Anomalistik.

The ZfA offers the opportunity to submit further comments on published articles in subsequent issues. Therefore, be encouraged to contribute a comment to further discussion. Submissions can be sent to or

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