pp. 230–234:

Editorial: Borders – Transgressions

Gerhard Mayer

pp. 235–260:

Cosmic Collision in Prehistory. The Chiemgau Impact: Research in a Bavarian Meteorite Crater Strewn Field

Michael Rappenglück, Barbara Rappenglück, Kord Ernstson

pp. 261–276:

Conflicts About Reality Constructions Concerning Regional Landscape Elements: The Example of the Controversy About the Claimed Chiemgau Meteorite Impact in the Tüttensee Lake

Edgar Wunder

pp. 277–292:

From Ley to Ley Line. The Development of an Alternative Archeological Concept.

Ulrich Magin

pp. 293–308:

The Influence of his Beliefs on Däniken’s Paleo-SETI

Jonas Richter

pp. 309–320:

Subjective Time Distortion During Near-Death Experiences: An Analysis of Reports

Marc Wittmann, Laura Neumaier, Renaud Evrard, Adrian Weibel, Ina Schmied-Knittel

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pp. 321–333:

Athens, 1930: The 4th International Parapsychology Congress

Fotini Pallikari

pp. 334–337:

Continued Discussions on Previous Papers

Re the paper Remote Viewing: Eine Proof-of-Principle-Studie by Maximilian Müller and Marc Wittmann, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik, 17 (2017), S. 83–104:

  • Ulrich Timm: Can a Real ASW Effect Occur in 58% of the Subjects?

pp. 338–349:

„The Miracle in Concentrated Form“: Fanny Moser and the Charlottenburg Medium Martha Fischer (1866–1943)

Uwe Schellinger

pp. 350–357:

Obituary: Professor Suitbert Ertel (1932–2017). A Pioneer of Anomalistics Research in Germany

Eberhard Bauer

pp. 358–365:

Obituary: Professor Inge Strauch (1932–2017). „La grande dame“ of European Dream Research

Eberhard Bauer

pp. 356–374:

Conference Report: Under the Sign (and Shadow) of Tradition. Conference Report on the 60th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association (July 20–23, 2017, Athens)

Gerhard Mayer

pp. 375–381:

Conference Report: Old Spirits & New Media. Report on the 4th International Expert Meeting on Clinical Parapsychology (May 26–27, 2017, Heidelberg)

Sarah Pohl, Ricarda R. Zöhn

pp. 382: Corrigentum

pp. 383–402:

Book Review

  • Henry H. Bauer (2017). Science is not what you think. How it has changed, why we can’t trust it, how it can be fixed
    Reviewer: Gerhard Mayer
  • Nicole Bauer (2017). Kabbala und religiöse Identität
    Reviewer: Sarah Pohl
  • Robbie Graham (Hrsg.) (2017). UFOs: Reframing the Debate
    Reviewer: Ingbert Jüdt
  • Marc O‘Connell (2017). The close encounters man: How one man made the world believe in UFOs
    Reviewer: Ulrich Magin
  • HaJo Fritschi (2017). Warum mag Meister Eckart keine Globuli? Fragen an einen weisen Arzt
    Reviewer: Gerhard Mayer