pp. 235-259:

Maupassant's Le Horla and the Cultural-Historical Transformation of the Alien

James Allan Cheyne

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pp. 260-269:

Contendedness obliges: Results of the GfA Member Survey 2015

Gerhard Mayer

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pp. 270-280:

Standard Values and a Short Form of the German Version of the Transliminality Scale

Sebastian Bartoschek, Anna Beniermann

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pp. 281-316:

Intuition, Control and Belief in Astrology

Tim Sandmann

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  • Suitbert Ertel: Paper Requires Some Late Suggestions for Improvement
  • Ulrike Voltmer: Astrology Believer—Female—Preference for Intuition

The author responds:

  • Tim Sandmann: Defense of Research Purposes

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pp. 317-325:

Physical Obstacles to the Realization of the Idea that is Layed out in the “Welsbach Patent”

Mario Sedlak

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pp. 326-328:

Continued Discussions on Previous Papers

Re the Book Review of “Heiliges Licht“ by Charis K. Skarlakidis, reviewed by Wolfram Mandel, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik 15 (2015), p. 200-205:

  • Ulrich Magin: “Holy Light“ also at Mt. Athos and at Hornbach

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pp. 329-358:

Conference Reports on the Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association and the Society for Psychical Research, University of Greenwich, 2015

Download PDF full text (German)

  • Gerd H. Hövelmann, Ricarda R. Zöhn, Gerhard Mayer, Eberhard Bauer: Parapsychology at the Prime Meridian.
  • Gerd H. Hövelmann: Introduction and History—Measuring the Discipline, 1982-2015
  • Ricarda R. Zöhn, Gerd H. Hövelmann: Tour de force: Between Theory and Research Practice
  • Gerhard Mayer: “Building Links Between Communities”. Joint Annual PA/SPR Conference, Greenwich, 2015—Impressions and Thoughts
  • Eberhard Bauer: Award-Afterword

pp. 359-365:

Bibliography: Academic Theses on Anomalistics, 2011-2015

Gerd H. Hövelmann

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pp. 366-387:

Essay Review with Discussion: Conspiracy Theories—an Orthodox Basic Groundwork

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Alan Schink


  • Sebastian Bartoschek: About Criticism, Straw Men, and Conspiracy Theories

The author responds:

  • Alan Schink: Confusion about Conspiracy Theories

pp. 388-419:

Book Reviews

Download PDF full text (German)

  • Gerhard Mayer, Michael Schetsche, Ina Schmied-Knittel, Dieter Vaitl (2015): An den Grenzen der Erkenntnis. Handbuch der wissenschaftlichen Anomalistik
    Reviewer: Christa A. Tuczay
  • Lars Robert Krautschick (2015): Gespenster der Technokratie. Medien-Reflexion im Horror-Film
    Reviewer: Gerhard Mayer
  • Peter Costello (2012): In Search of Lake Monsters
    Reviewer: Ulrich Magin
  • Jack Hunter, David Luke (Eds.) (2014): Talking with the Spirits: Ethnographies from Between the Worlds
    Reviewer: Gerhard Mayer
  • Karl Sigmund (2015): Sie nannten sich Der Wiener Kreip. Exaktes Denken am Rande des Untergangs
    Reviewer: Wilfried Kugel
  • Brian A. Sharpless, Karl Doghramji (2015): Sleep Paralysis: Historical, Psychological, and Medical Perspectives
    Reviewer: Gerhard Mayer

pp. 420-426:

Abstract Service

Gerd H. Hövelmann, Andreas Sommer

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